Facilities Design and Development

One of the things my wife always tells me she loves about my landscaping is that I take uninviting spaces and turn them into the favorite places of the clients. In many cases I have developed a property over time until the homeowner has unique outdoor spaces all around their property. By paying attention to the sun position, and planting the right plants in the right space, and adding porches, ramadas, etc...the property can become usable in all seasons, all weather, and at any time of day.

After several years of trying to develop sustainable feet on horses, I began to be aware they had a similar need. The landscape needs to be developed so that it maximizes the  movement of the horse.

I was first inspired by Jaime Jackson's Paddock Paradise 

and then Joe Camp's Soul of the Horse sealed the deal for me. The horses need spaces developed for them...they desperately need movement. After seeing the changes in my own horse's feet when I took down panels that separated them and created lanes throughout the landscape I was more determined than ever to spread the word about this approach. In a short amount of time I changed my own facilities from a "storage system" to a "track system." I began to suggest that my horse clients do the same. I became increasingly more successful at encouraging and maintaining corrections when the horses had more opportunity to move on good footing. In most cases now, it seems futile to start the rehab process without ample movement over clean, soft, aggregate footing. Your horse's feet really do "improve while you sleep", as stated by Pete Ramey in his book, Care and Rehabilitation of the Equine Foot. This is a much appreciated relief after becoming aware of the demands required when one becomes serious about making improvements on horse's feet.

Specializing in horse property design and construction, our services include the following: stonework, brickwork, adobe, stucco, patios, plantscapes, water features, fireplaces, forged and fabricated steelwork, boulderscapes, ramadas, carpentry, and barbeques. 

Equine facilities include: tack rooms, fencing, shade covers, horse environments, grading, footing, etc....  


Current Projects: Mesquite Carport

Current Projects: Hand Carved Corbeled Lintel

Adobe and Salt Cedar wall to hide well pump and storage tank.

Adobe and salt cedar (detail)

Adobe wall with Irises.

Backrest of seatwall

Our Philosophy

Horses feet have evolved over millions of years to be a regenerative system. Constant movement over varied terrain maintains the balance of growth vs. wear, step for step. The result is an amazing hoof comprised of:

- super structures that thrive on use.
- Hoof function with an efficient break over
- and the ability to withstand and dissipate concussive forces with a heel first impact (this allows the horse to use his weight for him instead of against him. )

The current more traditional system for domestic horses is a degenerative system where there is minimal movement in a small damp stall, infrequent trimming schedules and/ or prosthetic devices nailed to their feet.

This results in the horse crushing his feet under his own weight. I believe horses were designed to have sustainable feet for their lifetime. I feel that we are responsible as the horse's caretakers to protect the natural wonder, the horse's hoof, that nature has provided for them.

Our Goal

To encourage the mustang foot on the domestic horse through proper trimming and care. The best foot your horse can have.


To teach you how to manage risk in your horse or herd through lameness prevention and sound management practices, specifically focusing on hooves, through movement, footing, balanced trimming and diet.

Services include:

- Assessment

- Consultation

- Trimming

- Booting

- Footing

- Clinics

- Personal Lessons

- Horsemanship Training

- Lameness Prevention

- Rehabilitation

- Facilities Design

and Development